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Tilting pad journal bearings

Tilting pad journal beaings are used in many applications in turbo machines.
One important advantage of these bearings is very good applicability for high surface speed.

Another advantages

  • hydrodynamic stability in high surface speed
  • low sensitivity to load direction
  • low sensitivity to shaft misalignment
  • minimizing of oil flow

These bearings can be designed in wide range of variation on the basis of hydrodynamic calculation.

GTW tilting pad journal bearings are designed as folows:

  • 5 tilting pads
  • directed lubrication
  • standard seal
  • variable design of bearings seating
  • design for both directions of speed

Bearings are produced in range of diameter sizes: 35mm to 500 mm.


Tilting Pad Journal Bearings

Bearing bore:

  • determined by calculations – for high speed applications

Outer surface:

  • Cylindrical
  • Cylindrical surface with exchangeable segments
  • Materials:
  • Body of Bearing - Steel S235JR, S355J2+N
  • Segments – Steel S355J2+N, 42CrMo4
  • Contact surfaces of tin or lead based babbit


  • Generators
  • Turbines
  • Gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Motors
  • Pumps

Design options include hydrostatic jacking, holes for temperature sensors, oil scraper rings, end seals etc.

Tilting-Pad-Journal-BearingTilting Pad Journal Bearing
Customer: FLENDER (DE, F)
Application: High-speed gearboxes
Technical information:
Bearing bore: determined by calculations
Outer surface: Cylindrical exchangeable segments
Materials: Steel S355J2+N; Tin based babbit


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